Before leaving, Carlos converts so you’re able to TK and you will begins stuttering and you may TK cuts him regarding stating that the guy enjoys your also

Before leaving, Carlos converts so you’re able to TK and you will begins stuttering and you may TK cuts him regarding stating that the guy enjoys your also

For the “The top Heat”, Carlos appear from the firehouse to tell TK you to Owen was detained to have arson, and you can TK tells him one Carlos needs to phone call their father to clear that which you right up. Carlos informs your that the Colorado Rangers was the ones who arrested Owen hence Gabriel was brand new arresting officer. TK tells him you to definitely Gabriel is beyond their brain when the the guy thinks one Owen is an arsonist and you will Carlos states one they do not have the small print yet and therefore their father wouldn’t make a stop in the place of reasons if you are TK retorts you to their dad actually a violent. Carlos tells him that he never ever said he was while TK responses you to definitely his dad does also it appears like Carlos are safeguarding your. TK requires just how can Gabriel thinks Owen ‘s the arsonist when it spent three instances with her the other evening and then make Carlos answers that it was indeed an hour, given that Owen is late hence the guy featured hence Carlos check up on Owen’s facts to locate that he is actually lying. TK shoves Carlos away 3 x of the pressing his boobs while inquiring your in the event the the guy believes you to definitely his dad try a violent. Judd intervenes and you can claims one to Carlos must go. Carlos makes therefore look for TK having rips within his sight.

Carlos captures your out-of at the rear of and says to him in order to calm down if you’re TK a couple of times tells Carlos he has to get-off him by yourself

TK returns so you’re able to Carlos preparing restaurants for from him or her pursuing the firehouse blew up. TK starts talking about others “inflatable” in the firehouse – meaning the challenge – but Carlos comes to an end him and you will informs him which they conformed that no apologies had been needed. Later in the day, TK is experiencing this new security that does not seem to be working and Carlos informs your it is started acting upwards all big date and this the organization may come tomorrow but that they should go to bed. Once they have been regarding the rooms, it start making aside however, avoid when TK starts smelling smoke on fire downstairs. They both select the flames and very quickly, brand new fire initiate on bed room so you’re able to together with only way out is via moving out of the window. Carlos vacations the fresh window having a chair and you can TK says to your going earliest and that he’ll become directly behind your. Prior to they diving, Owen kicks along the home and provide her or him tees to get on the noses and mouths before making her or him leave the house properly by using Billy and you will Judd. After these are generally out of our home, TK asks Carlos how he could be creating and you can Carlos claims that he is a. The guy adds that he don’t believe these were planning create it out of the home, Carlos initiate apologising throughout the without a fire extinguisher from the place prior to beginning in order to shout. TK hugs him and you can informs your during the recite it is okay and this they might be okay if you find yourself making out his confronts several times.

Frost Storm

Inside the “The major Chill”, Carlos finds this new firehouse where Marjan handcuffed herself and you will arrests this lady. In the manner on precinct, Carlos says to this lady that she’s to avoid, Marjan responses one to she wouldn’t. Carlos informs the lady one to everyone’s devasted by demolition of one’s 126 however they most of the have accepted they, intense as it is. Marjan asks him if he or she is speaking of the fresh new firehouse or around himself and a certain paramedic. Carlos says to the girl it is vital that you know whenever a great thing’s more than of course, if it is time to move ahead. Marjan claims that it’s similar to stopping and that they was previously a household, Carlos states they are now a slightly estranged family unit members.

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